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Supporting Local Authorities

See our specialised services in action, as well as our advocacy and support for the industry, and see how we actively assist local governments in our innovative efforts to be a force for good in the world.

Who are APF? 

'A PASSION FOR' is what APF Simpy stands for, allowing kids to follow their hobbies and passions. At APF, we strive to offer entertaining and educational childcare services of the highest calibre. Our team of skilled and caring workers offers a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow and learn. We provide a variety of enjoyable activities that promote social, emotional, and physical development.

At APF, we focus on more than just child care.

We strive to give primary-aged children better futures. We are dedicated to supporting this revolutionary journey. The Department of Education's planned £289 million cash release in 2024 offers an exciting chance for good change to boost the accessibility and affordability of wraparound childcare.

Join Forces With Us!

Did you know that we effectively offer wraparound services by collaborating with a local authorities around the nation? Our offerings include PE instruction, holiday clubs and after-school clubs. We take great satisfaction in being more than just a service provider; we work with schools to expand, meet demand, and establish child-friendly, secure learning environments. Our aim is straightforward: we would be delighted to work with you to establish a setting that fosters children's growth and development. Let's work together to raise the bar for care, meet demand, and give the upcoming generation better prospects.

APF's School Services

After school and extracurricular activities

With our  afternoon programmes taking place between 3.30pm and 6pm, the fun doesn't end when school ends. Before going home for valuable family time, children can get involved in more enjoyable activities, making memories outside of the classroom and enduring connections.

Additionally, we provide custom extracurricular clubs with specialist services, such as dance, football, and multi-sports.

Customised Enrichment Sessions

APF delivers bespoke packages to schools, nurseries and educational establishments that are designed around their needs and budget. We cater for children aged 3-18 and our sessions provide a tailored boost to areas of school's PE and life skills provision where potential for excellence exists.

Our practical activity days provide an exhilarating and safe experience for students during the school term. From electric go-Karts to giant Inflatables and archery, children can unleash their adventurous spirit in a controlled environment designed to challenge and inspire.

Vacation Clubs

APF holiday clubs for children aged 4-14, which take place at various locations throughout the UK during school holidays, are designed specifically to assist children in developing new abilities and forming friendships. Our packed clubs make sure children have a memorable holiday season by providing them with a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities, along with themed weeks!

SEND provision 

Our programs include holiday camps and after school provision. They provide a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for children with special needs to enjoy sports, make friends, and build confidence. With specialized equipment and experienced staff, we create customised activities to meet the unique needs of each child.

Accessible Spaces

Our facilities are designed to accommodate participants of all mobility levels, with ramps, wide doorways, and specialized equipment


Calming sensory rooms, soft play areas, and adjustable lighting help create a comfortable environment for participants with sensory needs.

Special Needs Expertise

Our staff includes a Special Needs Coordinator, behavioral specialists, and trained coaches who understand the unique needs of our participants.

Why Work in Partnership with APF?

Maximum adaptability

Since each of our partners is unique, we create programmes that are specifically tailored to meet their needs as well as your children'.

No fuss

We supply our own resources, handle all reservations with our amiable customer service team, and make sure that school partners and their families have a seamless transition. We provide all the services that schools and recreational facilities require, both during and after school hours.

Safer Recruitment

With the help of our partners in recruitment who focus on the education sector, we are able to draw in the best applicants and uphold the highest standards of delivery. All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked and we follow a strict vetting process. 

 Head office support 

Our Head office staff includes our Director who has over 20 year experience in education and childcare, including 6 years in Headship. This allows us to be a the forefront of policies, practice and provision. 

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