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Healthy Eating Newsletter

- February 2024


Advice for parents of picky eaters While some kids consume everything placed in front of them, others require more encouragement. Try these strategies to help your child form new habits if they are limited to certain foods. If your child refuses to eat at all, you may need to address this differently as it may be related to other needs. In the event that you are concerned about an older child's eating habits, there are additional recommendations.

Present new dishes several times.

Try giving your child the new food another day if they reject it the first time. Repetition of sight should enable them become sufficiently accustomed to handle or taste it.

Try showing your child that it’s OK by eating it yourself. Or take it away and introduce it another day.
If you’re trying to wean your child off milk

Establish a cheerful atmosphere

Consider the location and manner of your family meals. It can assist with:

As a group, sit down and mimic the behaviour you wish to witness. You can spend time together as a result.

Give praise rather than bribes.

To prevent your child from wanting to avoid a particular dish in the future, don't force or bribe them into eating it. Rather, attempt to introduce novel foods in a casual manner. When your youngster is bold enough to try them, show them plenty of love.

Limit your options and portion amounts.

Kids frequently don't require large servings to feel satisfied. Give your kids as much food as they want, but try not to compel them to eat more. If your youngster requests more, it could be simpler to start with less and work your way up.

Having too many choices can also be debilitating. Give your child two options to choose from. Your youngster may feel more included and in charge as a result of this. You'll accept either option if you present two healthful options.

Make eating enjoyable.

Consider how to add enjoyment to eating. Cut into odd shapes or arrange sections into animals or smiley faces. Your child can participate in this as well.

Present them with visually appealing and vibrant dishes. Kids require a diverse range of nutrients, including fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. Restrict salt and sugar intake.

Healthy Eating Lessons 

During our Multi-Activity Camps, we deliver a variety of fun Healthy Eating sessions to children. These take place for 30 minutes each day and involve children having basic food and nutrition lessons. These lessons include planned theory lessons (quiz) based on understanding the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and a practical lesson based on creating a physical food plate. 

Healthy Eating information for parents 

Eating Watermelon

Healthy Food Quiz Questions And Answers: Stay Fit

Healthy living Quiz Questions And Answers


A healthy diet is important to ensure the body gets sufficient nutrients to function properly. It also helps improve overall health and protect us against many diseases. Check out these 29 trivia healthy food quiz questions and answers to know what you should add to your daily meal.

Healthy Food Quiz Questions And Answers



1. Which of the following foods is NOT a good source of protein?
A. Vegetables

B. Eggs

C. Dairy products

Answer: A. Vegetables

2. Why should you eat a diversity of colourful foods in the diet?
A. Colourful foods taste better

B. Each colour provides different health benefits

C. Colourful foods can last longer

Answer: B. Each colour provides different health benefits

3. Oranges are a good source of which vitamin?
A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin E

Answer: B. Vitamin C

4. Consuming too much meat may increase the risk of which diseases?
A. Osteoarthritis

B. Alzheimer’s disease

C. Gout

Answer: C. Gout

5. Which of the following foods is good for vision and eye health?
A. Chicken

B. Salmon

C. Tomatoes

Answer: B. Salmon


6. Calcium plays a key role in teeth and bone health. Which of the following foods is a great source of this mineral?
A. Cheese

B. Rice

C. Olive oil

Answer: A. Cheese

7. Vegetables are great sources of which types of carbohydrates?
A. Starches

B. Sugars

C. Fiber

Answer: C. Fibre

8. Grains like wheat, barley, rice, or oats are staple foods in many parts of the world. In general, which one is better for your health: refined grains or whole grains?
A. Whole grains

B. Refined grains

C. They are the same

Answer: A. Whole grains

9. Which of the following foods is least likely to result in food poisoning?
A. Salad

B. Mayonnaise

C. Pork

Answer: B. Mayonnaise

10. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Mediterranean diet?
A. High intake of olive oil

B. High intake of veggies and fruits

C. High intake of dairy products

Answer: C. High intake of dairy products

Day 3

11. Which part of an egg is richer in protein and contains very few calories?
A. Egg yolk

B. Egg white

C. Egg shell

Answer: B. Egg white

12. Which fruit is in the common proverb: “… a day keeps the doctor away”?
A. An apple

B. A banana

C. A grape

Answer: A. An apple

13. Vitamin A is largely available in natural food sources with which colour?
A. Green

B. Bright red

C. Purple

Answer: B. Bright red

14. Which vegetable is the favourite food of the fictional character Popeye the Sailor Man?
A. Broccoli

B. Spinach

C. Cucumber

Answer: B. Spinach

15. Which kind of food contains a lot of probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that can help with digestion and the immune system?
A. Fermented foods

B. Baked goods

C. Dairy products

Answer: A. Fermented foods


How healthy are you?

Do our quiz to find out!

How many pieces of fruit do you eat each day?

a. none

b. one piece

c. two or more


How many sugary snacks or drinks do you have each day?

a. three or more

b. one or two

c. none


How many portions of vegetables do you have each day?

a. none

b. one or two

c. three or more


How often do you eat breakfast each week?

a. never

b. once or twice

c. every day


How often do you do sport or play outside each week?

a. never

b. two or three times

c. four or more times


How often do you walk to school or other places each week?

a. never

b. once or twice

c. three or more


How many hours of screen time do you have each day?

a. more than 3

b. 2 to 3

c. 1 or less


How much do you sleep each night?

a. less than 7 hours

b. between 7 and 8 hours

c. between 8 and 12 hours


If you have mostly As, you need to change some daily habits. Are you eating the right things and doing enough sport?
If you have mostly Bs, you're doing OK but try to improve. Look at your answers to see what habits you could change.
If you have mostly Cs, you're doing great. Keep up the good work!


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