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Camps during the school holidays

Discover the fun and thrill of our multi-sports camp, where children engage in a variety of activities. There's something for everyone, including football and basketball, enormous inflatables, electric go-karts, archery, and tennis.

Sports Camps (Ages 7-14)

providing enjoyable, professional, and specialised coaching for a variety of sports, both conventional and unconventional.


For boys and girls aged 7 to 14, APF Sports Camp is an exciting week of coaching aimed to equip them with the necessary abilities to play like their favourite sports heroes.

All skill levels, from novices to expert players, can benefit from our specially created course.

If you would rather explore a wide variety of amazing activities rather than just one sport or activity, this camp is perfect for you. Players at all level are challenged and assisted by our knowledgeable coaches to advance their abilities while forming new friendships.

Apart from imparting skills particular to a given activity, the programme fosters the development of 

fundamental abilities like agility, coordination, teamwork, and communication.

Children can acquire the essential abilities for any sport and utilise them in activities related to the games. In order to accommodate each child's abilities and interests, instructors also take into account the 'likes and dislikes' stated during registration. Every day at APF is different as children get to choose which activities they would like to try throughout the session!

Our staff of skilled coaches lead enjoyable, well-organized coaching and games in a range of indoor and outdoor sports.







Sports Practice

Each sports session is well structured to ensure children progress in skill development 


Structure of each session...

Warm-up and Cool-Down exercises 


Learning of key skills associated to the sport 

Advanced skills for more able children 

Application of skills into small sided games 


Creative competitions and game play

Certificates and trophies to celebrate most improved and outstanding performers 

Awards ceremony at the end of the week

The Multi-Sports programme fits into two areas and timetabling allows children to experience at least three sports and two extreme activities each day. 


Camp extreme activities


These include our gladiator joust, giant bouncy castle, archer-tag, sumo suits, zorb ball, splat ball (modified paint ball) and offer risk taking, character development and a better understanding of how to keep safe.


Traditional and non-traditional sports


These include football, tennis, dodgeball, handball, hockey, badminton, basketball, boxing, rounders and rugby improve and enhance skill development and resilience among learners.

Is previous experience required?

While coaching can be modified based on player experience, the sports course is primarily intended for beginners and intermediate players of all levels. Boys and girls are welcome.

What makes us unique?

Diverse Sporting Equipment

Our camp offers a variety of sports, providing children with the opportunity to explore different activities and discover their unique passions.

Energetic and Supportive Environment

Children engage in a positive and enthusiastic environment, fostering a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie across all activities.

Physical Fitness and Skill Development

Engagement in multiple sports leads to well-rounded physical development and the enhancement of various athletic skills.

Benefits of Participating in Our Camp

Social Interaction and Teamwork

Children learn the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and communication through shared sporting experiences.

Fun and Engaging Activities

Participation in a range of sports creates a fun and stimulating environment, fostering a love for staying active.

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