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Terms and Conditions 

We take every step to ensure that we strike a balance between enjoying freedom and fun on our holidays, whilst staying safe and happy, is the right one. Occasionally, there can be situations when we are unable to provide your child or children the extra assistance they need. We will get in touch with you and issue a complete refund if this is the case. We ask that you thoroughly understand our primary policies and believe your child can follow them before bringing them to one of our APF sites. A summary of the main points that may pertain to the booking can be found below. Kindly contact our Customer Services team at 07555748776 if you have any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions.


1. Bookings 


​Email confirmation will be sent for reservations made over the phone or online. When we receive the necessary funds and/or childcare vouchers, a reservation is deemed confirmed, and receiving them indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions.

2. Payments ​


APF takes PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, and childcare vouchers (site-specific). We do not take American Express or checks as forms of payment. Should you still owe money after your child has finished camp, it may be turned over to a debt collection agency.

3. Discounts and Deals

You will always be presented with the best offer when you make a reservation. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers. The best rate will be offered to you if you have more than one discount code. APF can only offer discounts in the initial phase of booking; these cannot be applied later. The discount will terminate on the day it is advertised at midnight.

4. Using Childcare Vouchers for Payment

You will be notified on the location booking website if APF accepts all childcare vouchers (CCVs) as payment for reservations. Your reservation won't be verified until your CCVs are received and processed. Please contact your daycare voucher provider and provide your booking reference number after you have received your email booking confirmation. The nursery provider will then get in touch with us to schedule payment. Once the voucher has been processed, you will receive another email from us with an order confirmation. Before your child can attend camp, CCVs must be obtained for reimbursement. Payment for reservations made 14 days or fewer prior to the start of camp must be done with a credit or debit card; your CCVs will be refunded once we receive them.

5. Modifying your booking

If you change your dates more than two days before the first camp date, you can do so without incurring any administrative fees and within the same season (for example, summer), subject to availability. If you would like to switch your dates to a different season, please get in touch with our customer service team. We will do this without charging you any admin fees, but if the desired season is not yet available for purchase, we will retain the credit balance on your APF account. Note that costs could go up as one season ends and another begins.

6. Cancellations

Should you need to cancel a camp, you can do so with at least 48 hours' notice and receive a full refund, deducting £10 for each child each day. We will retain the amount in credit on your account less the appropriate deposit amount if if you paid with childcare vouchers, loyalty points, or credit from your account. You can ask for the refund to be sent back to your voucher provider if they accept returns. (Note that Edenred does not provide refunds.). 

We provide a discounted weekly cost, therefore if you need to cancel one or more days during the week, we'll recalculate your booking at the daily rate in effect at the time of booking, which might incur an extra fee.There is no refund available if you notify us less than 48 hours in advance of the day or dates you would like to cancel. However, parents are allowed to move their child onto another camp day if their child is sick (this is to the discretion of the Director). 


All claims need to be supported by a doctor’s note. If this is not possible, APF will accept self certification for a maximum of 3 days within one camp season. (A season is defined as an individual school holiday break be it half term or between terms). If the claim is successful, APF will hold the value of the claim as a credit on the parent(s)/guardian(s) account.

7. Extended provision

For most camps, we offer extended care by appointment only, with regular hours of 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. (if space is available). When making a booking, the specific venue's time is confirmed. Cancelling extended care is possible. We'll give you a complete refund if you cancel camp at least 48 hours in advance. If less than 48 hours are given, there will be no reimbursement. With 48 hours' notice or more, extended care can be moved to a different camp day without incurring any fees.

8.​ The person making the booking is in responsible of making sure that all the information provided is correct, including all the facts about each child, such as their medical history and any special education needs, as well as their emergency contact information. Your children will not be permitted to attend camp if you fail to provide all of these information prior to camp's commencement.

9. International Bookings

It is mandatory for children who are coming from abroad to speak English (to some degree) in order to follow the leaders' instructions and interact with the other kids. Once you are in the UK, we need your local phone number and address in case of emergency.

10. Specific requirements

APF is aware that every child has different needs, and it will make an effort to provide accommodations in the camp setting for children with special needs and/or medical issues. Whenever feasible, we try not to exclude any child based on special requirements or medical issues. Whether making a reservation over the phone or online, parents/caregivers are responsible for informing us of any medical conditions, special educational needs, or disabilities so that we can talk about the best way to accommodate the child and see if any reasonable modifications can be made to ensure they can participate fully in and enjoy the activities on camp within the staffing ratios offered for their age group. Please note that we cannot currently facilitate children who are flight risks or demonstrate frequent aggressive behaviors as it is imperative that we are able to keep every child safe. 

11. Illness and First Aid

APF requires that all sick or contagious children remain at home for the course of their illness and for 48 hours following the onset of symptoms. Medication that has not been prescribed by a physician or other health care provider will not be given by APF.

Children in our care will get first assistance in the event of an accident, and if required, the emergency services will be contacted. Prescription medications that are essential, such as Epipens, must be given to the camp manager for storage. Every APF First Aid policy follows the guidelines provided by Ofsted and ISI.


12. Behaviour System and child exclusion

APF is accountable for the health and safety of every child entrusted to our care. Regardless of any specific needs, the organisation has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, discrimination, and persistently bad behaviour of any type. We do acknowledge that children need support and guidance and we use our professionalism and a warning system for low level poor behaviour. This normally includes the following steps: 

1. Verbal warning

2. Time out (and parents informed at the end of the day)

3. Extended time out with Site Manager (and parents called to discuss concern immediately. 


We reserve the authority to ask parents to remove their children from camp for the balance of the day (part exclusion) or the entire season (full exclusion) on rarer occasions and in more serious circumstances. Any unused days will not be reimbursed, and parents are responsible for any additional expenses related to the exclusion. We keep the right to refuse admission if the child becomes ill before, during, or after a session.

13Postivie Behaviour & Equility 

We acknowledge that all children are different. This means that although we treat all children 'equally', this doesn't always mean we treat all children the same way. For example, we sometimes show leniency for our most vulnerable children (such as those who have specific needs). In addition to this, we try to use positive reinforcement by rewarding children with our Super-Star awards at the end of each day for positive behaviours role-modeled to the rest of the group. 

14. Late Pick-up

Unless otherwise specified at the time of booking, all children must be picked up at the time shown on the booking form. We kindly ask that you contact the Head Office or Camp Manager as soon as possible if you are unable to pick up on time for any reason.  To offset the additional staffing costs, you will be billed a late pick-up fee of £10 for each fifteen minutes past the pick-up time. We will notify Social Services that we have an uncollected kid if, after 30 minutes of the pick-up time, we hear nothing from a parent or guardian. We reserve the right to reject parent reservations from those who consistently pick up

15. Absence Notification

In order for us to update records, parents/caregivers must contact the Camp Manager or Head Office if a child is not attending a scheduled day at camp.

16. Activities outside of camp

We might provide optional supplementary trips and activities at some of our camps. Our regular guidelines for monitoring and care are still in effect. Should we take children off-site, parents will be given botice before hand and the option to opt-out. If this is the case, your child will be supervised on-site with an appropriate adult. 

17. Programme and activities

The timetable of activities may be altered in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen situations. The schedules that are posted at the camp are just suggestions and could alter. We make every effort to organise specific extra activities like swimming (where available) and archery; however, if you are reserving individual days, we cannot ensure that these activities will take place on that specific days. We may need to cancel certain dates at a venue due to unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right, under extraordinary circumstances, to cancel certain dates at a venue. In such a case, we will make every effort to notify programme participants at least 14 days in advance, provide a suitable replacement if one is available, or, if preferred, reimburse all money paid for the cancelled dates.

18. Personal Property

APF assumes no liability for any lost or damaged personal belongings belonging to your child while they are at camp. Should you think your child may have forgotten something at camp, please get in touch with the camp manager and they will try their best to help. It is advisable to retrieve misplaced belongings prior to the season's conclusion, as they will be kept on camp until then. Once returned to Head Office, unclaimed lost property will be given to charitable organisations. Item returns from Head Office are not possible.

19. Mobile phones and other electronic devices

It is not permitted for kids to bring electronics or mobile devices to the camp. We do recognise, nevertheless, that certain children may require a phone to camp in case of an emergency (such if they are required to walk home alone at the end of the day). In such circumstances, children are forbidden to use their phones at camp and must turn them off if they bring them. Don't forget that you can speak with your child by first giving the site manager a call. It should be noted that children who are seen using their phones during the day may not be allowed to return to camp due to safety concerns.

20. Insurance

All children in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

21. Photography / Filming

Kindly note that APF occasionally records children during camp via photos or videos for advertising purposes. You can choose not to include children (during the registration process).

22. Parent Feedback / Complaints

If you have concerns or suggestions, please tell us; we value your feedback and use it to develop and improve our services.

If you have a concern regarding camp, this should initially be raised with your child’s Camp Manager. If you are unable to resolve the issue, the Head Office are to be advised, and will attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

23. Safeguarding

APF has legal obligations in relation to safeguarding and any suggestion of child abuse or neglect will be investigated and reported to our regulator, Ofsted, or relevant local authorities and agencies.

24. Policies and Procedures

For our full policies and procedures document, please email our customer services team at


25. Data Protection

We must gather personal information about you and your children in order to process your booking. In accordance with all applicable UK laws, we shall handle it with confidentiality and maintain its security. Your phone number and email address will be used by us to get in touch with you regarding any bookings you make and any information we may require for the well-being of your child. During the registration or booking process, we will request your consent to use some of your information for the purpose of informing you about our products and services as well as those of our parent and sibling companies. You can stop subscribing at any moment.

26. ​Dropping off and picking up procedures.


Please be aware that we have a rigorous system in place to protect your child at all times, even at drop-off and pick-up. This means that their name must be provided at the sign-in during drop-off if the person picking up your child is not the same as the person dropping them off, before we let your child go with the adult picking them up, we'll ask them for proof of identity or a password.

27. Children signing themselves in and out 

Children who are aged 11 and over are able to sign themselves in and out. If you are making this request, please email us in advance to let us know. 

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