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         Our Mission


  • Above all, we pride ourselves on making memories that last a lifetime.


  • With the help of our activity camps, children can make friends, gain confidence, and boost their self-worth. 

Our goal is to give all children the chance to participate in a range of activities that they might not otherwise be able to in their everyday school lives. We instruct children how to be responsible, courteous, and respectful citizens of the future. Every child is catered to, irrespective of their educational needs, background, or personal circumstances.

Our Managing Director has a background in education and an understanding of how students develop. At APF, he established established procedures to make sure that learning opportunities and the holistic development of the children are balanced.

Our Core Values

Our decisions, actions, and expectations for campers and staff are guided by these core beliefs. Everyone is connected with and related to each other. These are ideas that guide our daily lives.



Enjoy Yourself and Get Moving

A joyful disposition and enthusiasm go a long way towards fostering a lively, exciting, and entertaining atmosphere at camp. Every day, our staff sets the standard for infectious energy!

Give it your all

We encourage individuals to follow our example of striving for excellence. Along with our extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication, we maintain high standards. Both a cooperative mindset and an optimistic outlook are necessary for camp. Our programme exhibits respect and tolerance while setting clear boundaries, and we support campers to succeed by having a staff of compassionate, moral, and ethical role models.

Put Your Best Forward

Everyone gains valuable life skills at camp. For campers to learn via experience, we design wholesome, developmentally appropriate activities and experiences. A fair dose of risk-taking is necessary to push each person to their limits. By offering appropriate structure, moral and ethical role models, and chances to acquire cognitive, physical, psychological, emotional, and social skills, we help people develop their confidence and self-respect. Our programmes help campers develop their sense of comfort and confidence while offering them chances to take on leadership roles and advance personally. Our youth-based empowerment programmes, which value children's autonomy and uplift them all, elevate every child.

Show Mutual respect


Friendships at camp are built on sincerity and a strong sense of compassion. The most meaningful and enduring ties are formed between campers and staff. At camp, you discover the real meaning of community.

You develop respect for every individual and a sense of community with others. In addition to acknowledging the individuality that every person brings to camp, we also acknowledge our common ground. We sustain an environment that fosters beneficial connections by giving advice, support, and compassion. Because we offer programming that improves cultural awareness and interaction, training for cultural competence, sensitivity to inclusiveness, and recruitment procedures that produce staff and campers from a variety of backgrounds, every camper has the chance to feel like they belong.

Feel Secure

Safety is our top priority. Through the provision of secure and health-promoting facilities, activities that promote positive peer group interactions while reducing contentious ones, and instruction on how to deal with bullying, harassment, and putdowns, we protect the physical and mental well-being of our campers. We set an example of accepting and valuing everyone.

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