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Meet The Team
Kaz James has an extensive background in childcare and education. After graduating with honours in health and fitness in 2002, he went on to become a certified teacher. Furthermore, he possesses a headteacher certification (NPQH) and has experience working as a childcare regulatory auditor in the UAE and the UK. After serving for six years as the Headteacher and more than 14 years as a physical education teacher, he currently supports a large educational trust that specialises in offering its expertise to transform schools in category. He spends his days carrying out the swift restructuring programmes for these schools.

As the director of APF since it was founded in 2020, Kaz is an enthusiastic and experienced leader who is dedicated to serving our staff, parents, and children alike. Wherever our diverse team of educators can provide real and inspiring value through sports, physical education, after-school clubs, and holiday camps, he leads them to greater opportunities.
‘’It is a privilege for us to meet students from around the UK at different points in their
lifelong journey, helping them to identify their passions and talents, and to achieve their

‘’Whether attending or preparing for secondary school, or simply wanting to explore a
subject of interest during a school holiday, students can enjoy our FUN, 
ACADEMIC programmes in many outstanding schools and venues across the UK’’
‘’Read on to find out more about our fantastic provision, commitment to excellence, and
how we can help you to get ahead and discover your next steps in life’’

Kaz James (Founder)
Msc / NPQH

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