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Key Information for Parents

All the information parents need to book with APF and send their child to camp is covered on this page. Please contact us via email or phone at 07555748776 if you have any more inquiries.

Operating hours

Most of our camps and courses run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., however we also have half-day programmes, which typically last four hours. Kindly check the booking page for further information. We offer extended care at certain camps, which runs from 5 to 6 p.m. and from 8 to 9 a.m. Certain locations may have different extended care hours. ​ When making your reservation, you will need to select early drop-off or late pick-up; you can choose from either or both ends of the day. 

Extended care times may vary at a couple of venues.

You will need to purchase early drop-off or late pick-up at time of booking and will have the option to select either or both ends of the day.

The cost for extended care is approximately £6.00 for each end of the day (8am to 9pm & 5pm to 6pm). Additional charges will be enforced if you collect your child late.


Every day at APF Camps is jam-packed with excitement, adventure, and action from the moment our doors open until the very last child is picked up. Your child is likely to be participating in approximately seven exciting activities every day (full day camps), ranging from the creative to the energetic, from the traditional to the unique. When it comes to activities, our guiding principle is to ensure sure that every session is exciting and enjoyable. In addition, we want children to experience things they wouldn't typically get to do, pick up new abilities along the way, and end each day tired out. You can view your child's timetable at the registration area when you sign your child into camp. We also try to email this to parents the week before camp starts. 

Can children choose their activities?

​Children will have a list of preferred activities to pick from during free-choice time, which occurs once a day. Whether your children are new to camp or are returning for a day, a week, or 

the entire season, camp stays exciting with a daily schedule change. Additional activities don't cost extra!

We are aware of how popular archery, sumo suits, and inflatables are, so we aim to ensure sure that children take part in them on a daily basis.


At some camps, you may also enjoy our popular gladiator joust (7+), splat ball (7+), electric go-karts, and swimming (4+) for no additional cost. Please send us an email if your child will be participating in these activities every day, as we cannot guarantee it.

What to bring to camp


An apron or shirt for creative activities 

Swimming costume and towel (if swimming takes place)

A water bottle and packed lunch (if we are not providing lunch for your child)

For cooler weather: warm comfortable clothes including a jacket/coat and jumper


  • For sunny weather:
    a sun hat and suitable clothes for warm weather
    sun cream – please ensure this is applied in the morning before arrival on camp – we will then advise/assist your child in reapplying during the day (unless you advise us otherwise)


Football boots/astro trainers

Shin pads

Extra tracksuit

Breaks and lunch

Unless we provide lunch, children are required to bring a packed lunch with additional snacks for breaks and a refillable water bottle. Children have one hour for lunch, during which they can run around, play games, or just relax for thirty minutes after eating with friends and teachers. We also provide two 20-minute breaks for full-day camps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, where the children can eat their snacks. Children are encouraged to finish their lunch, which receives adequate supervision during lunch and breaks.


If a parent needs to excuse their child from camp, they should notify the head office or camp manager and provide a  reason, such as illness.

We ask parents to get in touch with us at the start of the day. Parents can notify us if their kid is not attending by texting, calling, or ringing the Camp Manager or head office. You will typically receive an email with the camp manager's number before camp, and it is also posted at the sign-in area.

Should a child fail to show up for their scheduled sessions, the Camp Manager or the head office will be in charge of getting in touch with you.

Since your child's welfare is our top priority, we may refer to our safeguarding and child protection policy if no response is received and the child does not attend the camp.

For the majority of sites, we accept all childcare vouchers. Kindly reach out to us for additional details.

Extended care costs approximately £6.00. If you fail to pick up your child on time, there may be additional fees (see terms and conditions for information).

Dropping off and picking up procedures.


Please be aware that we have a rigorous system in place to protect your child at all times, even at drop-off and pick-up. This means that their name must be provided at the sign-in during drop-off if the person picking up your child is not the same as the person dropping them off, before we let your child go with the adult picking them up, we'll ask them for proof of identity or a password.

Children signing themselves in and out 

Children who are aged 11 and over are able to sign themselves in and out. If you are making this request, please email us in advance to let us know. 


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