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Support with cost of living in Enfield 


In the sections below, you can learn more about the various forms of support that Enfield Council, neighbourhood associations, nearby charities, and partners offer.

Learn how to pay your energy bills and conserve energy

Suggestions and guidance to help you pay your energy bills and stay warm. You should always keep the room you spend the bulk of your daytime hours at 18°C because lower temperatures can be detrimental to your health. We've compiled a list of resources and pointers to assist you with paying your energy bills and staying warm, as well as where to go if you're having trouble doing so.

Ofgem will immediately transfer you to a new supplier in the event that your current one fails. No part of your energy supply should be interrupted. You ought to: jot down the amount in your account. Make a note of the reading on your metre (a picture of the display could be helpful as well).

To make sure you are only paying for the energy you use, it is crucial to regularly check your metre. Watch this little video from Ofgem to learn how your energy bills are calculated.

If you're struggling to pay your bills, contact your energy supplier. They often offer special payment plans for those in debt. They work with you to agree a plan, and being realistic about your budget can help. Clearing debt reduces worry and allows more choice of suppliers. Visit the Ofgem website for more information.

Breathing Space


Also known as the financial Respite Scheme, it eases the strain from creditors while you concentrate on obtaining financial guidance to manage your debt. Only debt experts like StepChange or the Money Advice Trust are able to access this programme. Alternatively, a debt advisor may initiate a Mental Health Breathing Space on your behalf if an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) attests to the fact that you are undergoing mental health crisis care.

Register for Priority Services,


Numerous energy providers keep an updated Priority Services Register. This is used to offer additional free services to individuals who require them, including assistance during a power outage. Typically, this is given to those who: have reached pensionable age are ill or incapacitated on a long-term basis possess an ongoing medical condition possess additional communication requirements or a visual or hearing impairment are exposed by their circumstances If you believe you qualify for the priority services register, get in touch with your energy provider. Visit the Ofgem priority services register page for further details.

Support with Winter Fuel,


Your winter heating expenditures might be partially offset by the Winter Fuel Payment, which is a payment of between £100 and £3,000. If you were born on October 5, 1954, or before, and you currently reside in the UK, you are often eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment as well. If you're eligible, you often receive a Winter Fuel Payment instantly. You will need to submit a claim if you meet the eligibility requirements but are not reimbursed immediately. In the event that any of the following apply and you have never received the Winter Fuel Payment, you must do so. Benefits and a State Pension are not provided to you all that you receive is Universal Credit, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit, or Council Tax Reduction.

Find out more on the Winter Fuel Payment website.

Enfield Food Bank


Enfield food bank believes that no member of our community should have to deal with hunger. For this reason, we offer three days of nutrient-dense emergency food and assistance to locals who are referred to us in times of need. As a part of the UK's largest network of foodbanks, we fight hunger and poverty together with The Trussell Trust.

Visit their website for  more information: North Enfield Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

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