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Find our more about our HAF locations, dates and staffing and activities on offer 

All about Us

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Support With Cost of living 

In the sections below, you can learn more about the various forms of support that Gloucestershire Council, neighbourhood associations, nearby charities, and partners offer.

Learn how to pay your energy bills and conserve energy

Suggestions and guidance to help you pay your energy bills and stay warm. You should always keep the room you spend the bulk of your daytime hours at 18°C because lower temperatures can be detrimental to your health. We've compiled a list of resources and pointers to assist you with paying your energy bills and staying warm, as well as where to go if you're having trouble doing so.

Ofgem will immediately transfer you to a new supplier in the event that your current one fails. No part of your energy supply should be interrupted. You ought to: jot down the amount in your account. Make a note of the reading on your metre (a picture of the display could be helpful as well).

To make sure you are only paying for the energy you use, it is crucial to regularly check your metre. Watch this little video from Ofgem to learn how your energy bills are calculated.

If you're struggling to pay your bills, contact your energy supplier. They often offer special payment plans for those in debt. They work with you to agree a plan, and being realistic about your budget can help. Clearing debt reduces worry and allows more choice of suppliers. Visit the Ofgem website for more information.


Your Mind Plan

A component of Public Health England's Every Mind Matters mental health platform is Your Mind Plan. You can obtain an action plan to enhance your well-being and take care of your mental health by just responding to five questions.


Five Ways to Wellbeing

We can all do a lot of daily actions to enhance our mental health and support one another during stressful and challenging situations. Some of the most modern and widely acknowledged methods for effectively managing your own mental health are included in The Five Ways to Wellbeing.


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